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The Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo, the oldest zoo in Texas, was founded in the early 20th century (1909 to be exact) with about ten animals - a lion, an aligator, two baby bears, a single peacock, and a few rabbits. Since then, the Fort Worth Zoo has grown significantly in numbers, so much that it now houses nearly 7000 animals, both native and exotic.

Until the October of 1991, the Fort Worth Zoo was under the City of Fort Worth's charge, and during its administration, many money collecting traditions began in order to purchase new animals for the Zoo, as the goal was to get more visitors. In 1939, just before the World War II, the former Zoological Society formed itself as an organization that would help raise even more funds. In 1991, the Zoo faced a lack of support by the city, because it demanded to replace the animal housing which was outdated, old, and potentially dangerous for the animals themselves. The Fort Worth Zoological Association (which was previously known as the Zoological Society) has raised over 20 million dollars for the Zoo's improvements since then, and in 1992 was the grand reopening which unveiled two newly built exhibits: the World of Primates and the Asian Falls. Since the year of 1992, the Zoo has opened sixteen exhibits that are now permanent.

The additions to the exhibits have made the Fort Worth Zoo one of the most popular attractions in the entire Dallas area, not just the area of Fort Worth! The Zoo is ranked as the fifth most popular zoo in the USA's Travel Guide.

Since it's a nationally ranked attraction for the whole family, make sure to bring your own as well, as you surely won't regret it!