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The Botanical Research Institute of Texas

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (or BRIT for short) is an international research and learning center that is focused on the sharing of knowledge and conservation. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, the BRIT shares its knowledge on the plant world that would improve life on Earth for people as well as all other living things.

Founded in 1987, the BRIT constantly documents and notes the various forms of plant life and conducts research all around the globe, which is mostly extensive. Over the last decade, their scientists have found species that were previously unknown to science. Considering that their team is adventurous, curious, and passionate, they are driven by the need to find new plant species and research them for their agricultural, medical, and social uses, and to share their discoveries in the classroom and the research laboratory. The BRIT currently has major projects that are ongoing in Texas, Europe, and the Pacific Islands.

Their mission is not just conserving our natural heritage, but achieving understanding of how important plants are to us.

The BRIT offers more than just a massive collection of plants and books; it offers lectures, workshops, and programs of all kinds. BRIT's herbarium has more than a million of dried plant specimens, making it one of the largest herbariums in the United States. Their library offers one of the greatest botanical collections in the world, with over 125000 books and journals to read, translated to multiple major languages.

The BRIT's educational program underlines how dependent plants are to all living things through various workshops and classes. It also provides consulting and services to scientists, students, gardeners, and many others, but feel free to check it out yourself, as the BRIT has so much to offer!