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The Fort Worth Convention Center

The Fort Worth Convention Center

The Fort Worth Convention Center is an excellent place to hold important events. Opened on September 30, 1968, the convention center has held numerous events. The convention center features 41 breakout rooms, an exhibit hall which can be divided into six parts, an exhibit space that measures 253,226 square feet, a 13,500-seat arena that can be used for various functions, and a 28,160 square foot ballroom, a great area for all that dancing. 

The convention center has been hosting sports activities like basketball games for Texas Chaparrals which is a member of The American Basketball Association on 1970-1971. The convention center also housed ice hockey games for the Fort Worth Fire and Fort Worth Brahmas during the 1990’s.It was also used in football games like, for example the Fort Worth Cavalry of The Arena Football League. 

Once again, it was also used as a venue for a basketball game for The Fort Worth Flyers. The center did not only hold sports activities but also concerts of famous artists. It was a venue for the shooting of the Metallica’s concert video, titled, the Cunning Stunts on May 9 and ten of the year 1997.The heavy metal rock band had millions of fans back then, choosing the Fort Worth Convention Center for such an activity not only gave the place honor but also provided advertisement .On 1974, singer Bob Dylan held a comeback concert inside the center, it was instrumental in revitalizing his career. 

The venue was also used as a shooting location of a movie, such as “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones. This was a prestigious rock band with Mick Jagger as their vocalist. All this unforgettable events, ranging from sport to entertainment only proves that The Fort Worth Convention Center offers us the best viewing experience and its world renowned for that.