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The Bass Performance Hall

The Bass Performance Hall

The Bass Performance Hall was built in the year 1998 by David M. Schwarz .The project started when Van Cliburn talked to Nancy Lee Bass. She was a philanthropist. Along with her husband, Perry Richardson Bass they made renovations to the Maddox Muse Center. They created the hall with their own money under the intentions of providing a perennial home for some of Texas’ best performers in the line of arts.

The hall has a European a theme opera house and is made of limestone. The hall measures 80 feet in diameter. With a capacity of 2056 people, it is a great venue to house a variety of events such as ballets, stage plays, opera, symphony orchestras and rock concerts. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra regularly performs there. One of its famous attractions is the two angel sculptures that measures 48 feet in height. They were made by the artistic hands of Marton Varo. This venue caters both to classical and modern music. It opened its doors to public on May 1998

The Maddox Muse Center was reopened on 2001 with its new venues; the two recital halls, namely the Van Cliburn Recital Hall and The McDavid Studio which was formerly called the McNair Studio. It was renamed on 2006.

The Performing Arts Fort Worth manages the performance hall. This organization does not earn money from doing this but it dedicated itself to art. It is also instrumental to the success of Broadway. Families of musicians are popularized there. People of various age groups can visit this place to appreciate classic and modern arts.