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Burger's Lake

Burger's Lake

For people looking to have an unforgettable summertime to unwind or just relax then the Burger's Lake is a place that is worth a lot of consideration. This ideal summertime space is located in Fort Worth Texas spreads over an area of 30 acres and has a spring fed calm and cool lake for swimming and many picnic facilities.

The clear water lake is surrounded by lifeguards who are certified to ensure your safety and other staff that will cater for your need. The lakes spreads over an area of one-acre of the private meaning that there will be no overcrowding in it. The park also has 5 diving boards for extra thrill and one baby board for the kids, a 20 foot high slide and a 25-foot trapeze.

There are two sandy beaches for those who love basking and if you become tired of this the park has many shady trees where you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze.

For picnic lovers, this is the best possible get way with 300 picnic spots all over the park. This makes it a must go for families who love the outdoors and love that afternoon steak. Burger’s lake provide you with the charcoal grills that are located over 185 spots. This will enable you to make your favourite outdoor meal while there or alternatively you can grab a snack or drink at the food stand they have.

Also available are volley ball courts and you can make you selection, grass or sand.