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Sundance Square

Sundance Square

Measuring 35-blocks, The Sundance Square was recognized as The Best Downtown in Texas. Located near it are other astonishing landmarks like the Fort Worth Water Gardens, The Fort Worth Convention Center, while it housed The Bass Performance Hall. The city square is best known for its cleanliness and excellent security. Everyone can walk safely and comfortably without having to worry about danger. It has a entertainment district and a shopping center where you shop to your heart’s content. It is located along glorious skyscrapers.

Aside from buildings, another reason to visit the Sundance Square is the cheerful residents and enthusiasts. You can mingle with them as you walk along the streets. There many restaurants there that will satisfy your gastronomic adventure. As you feast your eyes on its wonderful scenery, you can feast your stomach with their delicious food. There are many shops around there, perfects for those who are looking for souvenirs.

Go back in time and see the Burk Burnett Building and Wool Worth’s Building, which were honored by the National Register of Historic Places.

The most popular place in the Sundance Square is the Sundance Plaza. Fun and exciting events happen here yearly. Entertain yourself while watching performances but remember, don’t forget your umbrellas, it’s in Texas. Enjoy yourself until nighttime and grab a drink at their bars or show your moves in their clubs and party all night long.

If you get tired, you can stay at hotels nearby. And if you can’t get enough of Fort Worth, you can live at the condominiums there and the wonderful experience will never end.

The Sundance Square offers a vast array of entertainment. In one place, you can find many opportunities, timeless, indeed.