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Gateway Church NFW Campus

Gateway Church NFW Campus

You might have heard of Kari Jobe, the Dove award winning Christian recording artist, or you may have heard of the Gateway Church if you relate to any of these two, you will enjoy your time at the Gateway Church which is not for from the Stay in Hotel. The Gateway church is said to be third largest in the whole of the United States. This is also where the award winning musician hails from and you may catch a performance by her if you attend the church on a Sunday.

The majestic church which stands in Southlake Texas, is a sight that is worth seeing. Being a landmark of Texas due to its big size and creative architecture the church which can house up to 50,000 attendants has many buildings you can view.

There you will be told of the history of the church, how it grew to such a huge capacity to the ranks of being the third in the whole of United States since its start in 1999. You will be told of the chronological events and progress of the church to this present day.

Key places of interest is the auditorium of the church which is beautifully designed in a way comprises of modern architectural design and method while still maintaining a classic auditorium look. You can ask to be taken to the worship centre of the church which houses the deep worship performances by Kari Jobe and other worship leaders. The lighting and of the whole building, which is beautifully and expertly crafted will leave you astounded.