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Sid Richardson Museum

Sid Richardson Museum

Sid Richardson Museum, Texas was founded in early 19th century. It is located in heart of Sundance Squares at Fort Worth. Museum features western art of early America and showcase paintings by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell and other proficient American artists. Sid Richardson selected the site for the purpose of non-profit organisation that serves the people of Texas. Later, this is built into the museum and today it is available for visit to people across the world for free. Nearly 50,000 visitors every year are estimated to simply see the beautiful art.

One of the finest and focused collection with all western American beauty is what Sid Richardson museum all about. Artwork is incredible and free to observe. Museum has its own gift shop upon entrance, which is best place to shop some souvenirs for young or old. Each piece of the western art is guided with the description that is very informative and beautifully written. It takes less than an hour to see everything with description.

There are some of the amazing painting works of Remington. Most loved is the oil painting. This is unique in its own way as one can experience conversion into more colours from black and white oil paint, when look longer. This is mesmerizing for the visitors.

Museum also conducts educational programs and tour for children and adult as well as on site visits to local schools and community groups to promote the art and introduce the late modern art of America. Admission is very free for the entire genre. Every 2nd Saturday there live performance by docent Robert Adkins as the wife of Charlie Russell, which is great entertainer and regretful if not attended.

One of the Best experience in the Texas, one cannot afford to miss.