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St. Patrick Cathedral Fort Worth

St. Patrick Cathedral Fort Worth

St. Patrick Cathedral Fort Worth is one of the historical place established in 18th Century in Fort Worth, Texas. The Church is most amazing place to visit in Texas, the infrastructures, sculptures and the walkway allows visitor to feel the diverse beauty within the wall even if you are not Catholic.

Church is diverse in many ways; it includes the education for the kids, children, and adults and gives them opportunity to learn the lives with Jesus. It also have some innovative camps for catholic youth to learn lessons through interactive speeches, songs, prayers, games. Some things of the Church that makes it different of the other are their unusual practices like coffee hour in church. This is especially introduced in church so that parish who are interested get to know others or some may would like to see an educational video while their kids complete reading and learning educational book.

Along with all other practices, church also offers music education to students. Phil Bordeleau, who is master in music contributes in coaching of opera students in opera workshop and also gives presence in incidental parish celebrations in the Cathedral, including functions, funerals, weddings, and special ceremonies by the Bishop of Fort Worth.

 This a beautiful cathedral to drive or walk by and look at its architecture and greatly admires it. It demonstrates an era gone, in which things looked so beautiful and were so well built.