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Fort Worth Aviation Museum

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

It is an aviation museum and located next to the Meacham International Airport of Fort Worth, Texas, US. The Fort Worth Aviation Museum was refurbished in 2013. The Fort Worth Aviation Museum was previously known as the “Veterans Memorial Air Park”.

This museum tells the story of aviation heritage as well as the accomplishments in the North Texas since 1911. There are 24 Warbirds and a “US Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 Hornet” for the outdoor display in the Fort Worth Aviation Museum from 1943 to the present.

The indoor displays of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum include, B-36 Peacemaker along with the Forward Air Controller Museums, also a T-38 cockpit simulator as well as computer flight simulators. The friendly guide of Fort Worth Aviation Museum assists every visitor with personalized tours. A gift shop is also available there for the visitors.

Active duty military and their families can visit the Fort Worth Aviation Museum for free. However, the ticket for adults is $5, $10 for families, for kids between the ages of 6 to 16 is $1, under 6 free.

The motto of the Fort Worth Aviation Museum is to “Bringing Aviation History to Life”. The Fort Worth Aviation Museum’s mission is summarized as Preservation, Inspiration, and Education (PIE).

More than 68,000 aircrafts have been manufactured in the area of Fort Worth, since 1941. The amount spent on making those aircrafts, was over $1 trillion in today’s money. Fort Worth is considered the global headquarter for the American Airlines.