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Vintage Flying Museum

Vintage Flying Museum

This American Aviation Museum is located at Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth Texas. The primary mission of the Vintage Flying Museum is, “to preserve the flying heritage of America in the Words, Deed as well as Action.”

At the Vintage Flying Museum, visitors are treated to a unique experience. The visitors are able to see the maintenance and restoration of the historic aircrafts. There is always something going on at the Vintage Flying Museum.

It is a very unique museum because it is considered the home of 4 other nonprofit groups in its facility. These 4 separate organizations are promoting the aviation through restoration, preservation, demonstration and education.

The Vintage Flying Museum is a 501C (3) nonprofit organization. The donations of visitors and other people is considered an important contribution to the preservation of all aircrafts at the Vintage Flying Museum.

A number of aircrafts are on the exhibit, including several, which are extremely historic and rare. Moreover, the additional displays of the Vintage Flying Museum include a dedicated reciprocal as well as jet engine room, WWII memorabilia and the artifact exhibits, an FAA Aviation Education Resource Center, a gift shop and a unique aircraft model exhibit.

One of the greatest achievement of the Vintage Flying Museum and the contributions to community is the development of its aviation education programs. The Vintage Flying Museum has been offering Dallas/Fort Worth Community a series of education programs since 1993, in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration. These educational programs include, aviation summer camps for both middle as well as high school students, and the “Take Flight Days” (which is a 1 day aviation experience for the students).