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Texas Civil War Museum

Texas Civil War Museum

The Texas Civil War Museum west of the Mississippi is one of the best, largest and historical museums which are the most important civil war museum in the country. Which opened in January of 2006 and the museum is a 501c3, non profit, with over 15, 000 square feet of exhibits and which is privately owned and founded.

The Texas civil war museum has lots of collection of civil museum and all of their collections separated into three parts that’s are civil war collection, Victorian dress collection, United Daughters of the Confederacy Texas Confederate collection

The museum has largest collections of weapons, artefacts, civilian clothing, doctors implements, flags, paintings all sort of things that all are collected from civil war.

Texas has 75-seat theatre, which shows videos about Texas's involvement in the Civil War. It has impressive dress collections of miss the Judy Richey Victorian preserve over three hundred items for women dresses from civil war.

The Texas confederate collections contains articles from the Texas home front courtesy of the united daughters of the confederacy.

The Texas civil war museum also has gift shop named Magnolia Mercantile and which is well stocked with gift items and which showcases specialty gift items related to the Civil War and Victorian era. Because of the super comprehensive collection of civil war the Texas civil war museum became quickly famous and the Texas Civil War Museum is an easy recommendation.


The mission of the Texas Civil War Museum is to collect and preserve artefacts relating to the history of the American Civil War and the role Texas played in the conflict.


The vision of the Texas Civil War Museum is twofold: We pledge to continually educate future generations about the character and courage that all Americans demonstrated in helping to build this nation.  Our second desire is to be a world- class museum with the largest and finest collection of Civil War artefacts anywhere in the country.