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Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth

Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth

Eagle Mountain Lake stands for one of the most beautiful lakes in North Texas, spanning 8,694 acres. It was originally formed by damming the West Fork of the river Trinity, back in 1932. Today it represents an attractive resting place, great for fishing, boating and relaxing, but also some more extreme activities placed on water, such as Wakeboarding, water-skiing and kayaking.

If you like to go on a picnic, you should know that the lake is surrounded by 3 parks – Eagle Mountain Park on the east side of the lake, Shady Grove Park on the west side, and the Twin Points Park on the south, near the dam. There are also 5 different Marinas, allocated on every side, so you may choose from a variety of options if you want to rent a boat, or engage in some other water activity.

Near the Marinas, lay well known restaurants like Spot Restaurant, Poppy’s bar and Grill.

The Spot Restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants of Eagle Mountain Lake, and also the oldest. Visitors of Eagle Mountain Lake have been praising it since the 60's. Today they can enjoy in great views of the lake, live music, karaoke events and a remarkable rich menu, above all else.

If you like having fun on the water, then this is a place you definitely must visit if you find yourself in Fort Worth.

Whether you’re living your youthful days and thirsty for some adventures, or in your retirement and looking for a comforting, refreshing place to rest - Eagle Mountain Lake has plenty of things to offer.