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Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas World Aquarium (DWA) represents aquarium and a zoo, located in the downtown of Dallas, in Texas. What makes it a remarkable place for visiting is the fact that it’s housing many animals classified as the threatened and endangered species. Since 1997, it has been accredited as the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The visitors state enjoying the most in how close they are let to come to the animals, how joyfully the animals behave when they’re fed, and in the unique vibe the place possesses.

The touring program is divided in 5 different exhibits:

Mundo Maya represents animals and plants that symbolize the ancient Mayan culture. It includes Black and White hawk eagle, American Flamingo, Spectacled Owl, Jaguar Cichlid, Red-eared slider turtle, etc.

Orinoco, Secrets of the River highlights the species known for living in the South American rainforest ecosystem. Some of them are Ocellate river stingray, Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, Hawk-headed parrot, Saffron Toucanet, etc.

The Aquarium Gallery is known for featuring a simulation of the experience of whole water ecosystems in naturalistic display. Some of the most popular species held are Palm tree polyps, Blackeye Goby, Harlequin Shrimp, Pot Bellied Seahorse, Zebra angelfish, Pot-bellied Seahorse, Red mushroom anemones, etc.

South Africa is an exhibit that is highlighted in the summer, because it represents a hot climate ecosystem simulation. Included species are Tomato Frog, Madagascar giant day gecko, African green pigeon, and Panther chameleon

Borneo stands for genuine ecosystem of the Australian Geo culture. Some of the featured birds, fishes, and mammals are: Blue penguin, Banded Archerfish, Palm cockatoo, Matschie’s tree kangaroo, Moluccan cockatoo, and Asian Arowana.

DWA also contains restaurants that serve a variety of international dishes, making your trip even more memorable experience. Look out for “Eighteen-o-one”, “Café Maya”, or “Jungle Café”.

This is a perfect place to take your kids, if you’re planning for a fun trip, or educational experience. Even you’re adult, you may want to remind yourself of the natural beauties of the animal world.

If you happen to like it and want to visit more often, you can sign up for membership, or even include yourself in helping animals.