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Lake Grapevine Fort Worth

Lake Grapevine Fort Worth

Lake Grapevine is located in the North Texas, around 20 miles northeast of Fort Worth. The name “Grapevine” originates from the city in Texas that reaches it.

The primary purpose of this resorvoir are water supply and flood control, but it’s also a famous for being a place for recreation and resting.

Lake Grapevine is completely surrounded by parks. If you love to take a walk into the nature, or enjoy in going on a picnic, you should visit some of these beautiful parks: Rockledge Park, Oak Grove Park, Meadowmere Park, Katie’s Woods Park, McPherson Slough Park, Lake View Park, Trophy Club Park and Murell Park. Entering is free for most of them, and fees are small for those that aren’t.

The interesting fact is that the Lake Grapevine has boat ramps on all corners of the lake. Passing some of them requires giving small fees, but they offer boat docking, restrooms and restaurant favours, depending on the ramp.

The park features 3 Marinas: Silver Lake Marina, Scott’s Landing Marina, and Twin Coves Marina.  There you can storage your boat or service it. Marinas are also known for organizing fun events such as Wakesurfing ,  gathering of boat club members and fireworks.

If you’re a fan of camping, you should know there are several campgrounds around Lake Grapevine. You can choose from Vineyard’s Campgrounds, Medowmere Park Camping or Murell Park Camping.

If you’re planning on a vacation or a short trip, and happen to enjoy in some of the listed activities, you should definitely consider visiting Lake Grapevine. You deserve to refresh yourself, and it has plenty of exciting things to offer.